About Lakeshore Fute

Lakeshore Fute Academy is a soccer training program, determined to ensure the overall production of each individual participant. We emphasize the importance of fitness & nutrition and the significant role diet has, not only in a players performance but overall well-being. Our goal is to instill life lessons, through soccer, that will help prepare for the inevitable challenges life presents.

Our staff takes great pride in using positive coaching methods. We develop the individual according to their own, unique capabilities. The game of soccer is interesting, in that everybody has their own style of play. It has been said that "how one plays is an expression of his/her inner self." Challenging our players, with encouragement, gives guidance for accomplishing this. The struggle is what makes us stronger! There is no doubt that self-confidence will bring out this "inner-personality" we seek from all of our students. We intend for these methods to develop the player's characteristics, both on and off the field.

Educating our children to be environmentally and health conscious is fundamental. We promote clean eating and are advocates for a homeopathic lifestyle. Players learn the power of togetherness and the strength that comes from within, when united as one!

If we want to make a change for tomorrow, it begins with our youth. This is our primary objective at Lakeshore Fute Academy.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Our training staff is meticulously selected by Bradley. Most are players Bradley has spent many hours working with over the years. Now that they have grown older and become excellent soccer players, they have very similar methods. More importantly, they have strong ethics.

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