Training Programs

Our programs are designed to develop the skill, speed and knowledge needed to excel at the game of soccer. With several training programs for all ages on multiple nights a week.

Kiddie Kickers

Kiddie KickersAges 4-6 & 7-10

The younger the better! Youngsters are taught the basics of ball control, receiving & releasing passes. We will emphasize on proper form and technique and the importance of focus. The ability to maintain concentration is a necessity and a skill to be developed, just like any other.

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Youth - Senior

Youth - SeniorAges 11-14 & 15-17

Players will start to get into more of a competitive atmosphere. As more possession games are incorporated into training sessions, students begin to realize, intensity can be a lot of fun! Without a hard work ethic and self-discipline, talent would loose its worth. This group will be broken down into training pods based on the players skill level. Ex: A, B, C

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Adult Open

Premier Development ProgramAges 18+

Majority of our staff are still active players! This program was designed for those who want to take it to the next level post high-school/ college. There are beginner classes available as well. Not everyone has ambitions of playing in the next World Cup and we understand that. We just want to spread our passion to everyone, young and old!

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