Meet Our Staff

Bradley Hoge

Bradley HogeDirector of Coaching

Bradley Hoge, the owner of Lakeshore Fute Academy, has been a player of soccer since the age of 4. He has been a coach of the game since 2001, when he ran his first youth soccer camp. Needless to say, he carries a passion for soccer, only a few people can understand. Bradley started his career as a coach for the Town of Munster Soccer Club. He was training with several professional teams across the country, during Munster's off seasons. This opportunity gave Bradley the experience of playing with different styles of the game. He then incorporated these styles into his own play and training methods. These experiences allowed him to gain exposure from clubs abroad.

Bradley has created an authentic approach to training our youth in soccer. He believes that positive motivation is the most beneficial form of coaching. It can truly take a person to the next level, physically and mentally.

Training Staff

Our training staff is meticulously selected by Bradley. Most are players Bradley has spent many hours working with over the years. Now that they have grown older and become excellent soccer players, they have very similar methods. More importantly, they have strong ethics.

Andrew RothchildTrainer

Mirko TepavacTrainer

Jordan AvalosTrainer

Dave NiebergallTrainer